Tygerberg Electronics was started back in 1983 by Mr. Cassisa. Of course back then it was mostly TV’s and video machines that needed repairing. Derek took over the business from his dad in 2009. Derek grew up helping his dad in the workshop, learning how to repair all manner of electronic devices. Electronics runs in the family and Derek hopes to hand over the business when he retires to one of his sons. Derek is always open to helping you repair devices cost effectively. On the contact page you can get his contact details and worksop address.

Derek is a family man. He loves his wife, his kids, his brothers and their kids. His work ethic is of a high standard, so if Derek gives advice, it’s from his heart. All clients are treated with respect and get the best service possible. Once you’ve had your electronic equipment repaired by Tygerberg Electronics you become part of the family, in a manner of speaking. Make sure you save Dereks number for that untimely electronic repair that you will probably need at some point in the future. Derek looks forward to being of service to you.

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